2011 Activities

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2011 Activities 

These are the original engine room plackards. They were photographed and removed to pressure spray the bulkhead between the tank room and engine room.


Scans from a Sterling Viking manual

Pannish Control Manual Section

Pannish Control Head restoration.
  Main box after sandblast and primer.      

Visitor Jack Read, former 83 foot sailor and D-Day veteran.

Pilot House and Crew Galley progress photos (04-11-2011)

Early Airshift Installation phase

I received this great Email from Frank "Bugsy" Moran from the restored cg40450/cg40581.

I'm sending you this because I know you will love it. I met this man's son Joe JR. in the doctors office when I was reading my CG manual for the cg40450. He sit next to me and then said were you in the CG? I

said yes, why? I see that book your reading and it looks old and official. So it went on "low and behold" his father served in World War 11 on the 83324/cg474 in the Pacific theater, like Bataan, Leyte and all around there.   Read the history of Joseph E. Mutascio, Sr. aboard the 83324.

These images are are from a large mural at the Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, Wa. from the 1950's. They might help with some flashbacks of the Ballard Locks and the CG District headquarters, Seattle.


Crew Quarters, Galley and Chief Quarters overhead painting.
Chiefs Quarters restored desk and chest of drawers.  
Engine room, engineering spares and lazerette painting.

Cleaning up the sea strainer raw water filters. The rusted steel caps are now replaced with stainless steel discs provided by my brother and volunteer, Jack Withers. Photos to follow.


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