D-Day Celebration 2006

D-Day Ceremony - 2006 - Seattle, WA

This spring Chuck Fowler and Dan Withers were having coffee discussing the recent new history discovered about the CG-83366 and the light bulb went off in Chucks head. How about a living heritage D-Day celebration that encompasses all of the resources that we can round up with the "anchor tenant" being the 83366 that had actually been at D-Day. Before long a plan was put together that looked a lot like this.

Follow the results of the effort of those that participated below.


SEA Magazine - October, 2006  "Discovering Tiburon"  by Chuck Fowler

First we discovered that a distinguished war history surrounded the former Coast Guard Cutter CG-83366, now the Tiburon. Read about the evolution of this 83 foot Wheeler cutter from WWII to today.

D-Day Celebration on TV
This celebration was covered by local TV media. The following two clips were produced by the local stations.
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The D-Day 2006 Celebration Audio Program of the entire ceremony can be heard here.

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Start the audio presentation and read the program below.


D-Day 2006 Celebration Correspondence and Articles

Appreciation letter from Admiral Houck, Commander District 13. Clipped from the North County Times, San Diego.    


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