D-Day Memorial Celebration

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Coast Guard D-Day Rescue Flotilla Anniversary
and 83-Foot Cutter Sailors Commemoration


Sponsored by
Combatant Craft of America*
in cooperation with the
Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle Parks Department, U.S. Coast Guard District 13 and Coast Guard 83-Foot Sailors Association


Schedule:   June 2 - 6, 2006


Saturday, June 3 

10:00 am -  CG-83527, CG-83366/ USCG-11 (Tiburon)

Sunday, June 4 

10:00 am -  CG-83527, CG-83366/ USCG-11 (Tiburon)

Monday, June 5 

10:00 am -Coast Guard Veterans’ Commemoration Reception  Officers Ward Room, Historic Naval  Reserve Armory Building. New 87-foot cutter open for public tours.

 12 noon - Coast Guard - Tours of Cutters

* Combatant Craft of America - a  Nonprofit maritime heritage and education organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting and publicly exhibiting historic military patrol and rescue boats, and honoring those veterans who served aboard them in times of war and peace. 


Tuesday, June 6  - 10:00 am -

Coast Guard D-Day 62nd Anniversary
Historic Ships Wharf plaza.
  Chuck Fowler, Combatant Craft of America, Master of Ceremonies
Posting of Colors
National Anthem

Historic Cutters Background and Introduction of   Honored Guests
SM3c Wilfred “Bud” Eberhart, USCG WWII Veteran and CG D-Day Rescue Flotilla 1 USCG-11/ CG-83366 Crew Member at Normandy
Captain James Burford, USCGR (Retired), Second Skipper of CG-83527 (Unable to attend in person; via telephone)
Keynote Address:
  Rear Admiral Richard Houck, Commander, Coast Guard District 13, Seattle
  Mike Gregorie, Washington State First Gentleman and Army Vietnam War Veteran
   Dan Withers, President, Combatant Craft of America and Navy Vietnam Veteran
  Gordon Meyers, USCG Aux & Coast Guard 83-Foot Sailors Association
Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony
Attendance Appreciation
Adjourn Ceremonies

10:45 Post Commemoration Reception Officers Ward Room, former Naval Reserve Armory. New 87-foot cutter open for public tours.