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03-15-11      Added article, Airborne Shipwrec
03-15-11      Added new 2011 Ships Log
03-15-11      Added new Ships Drawing page
04-15-10      Added new 1958 crew photo from Terry Shelby
09-12-09      Added video of current progress.
01-05-09      Added 1954 83527crew photo.
12-22-08      Added .pdf 83527 handout document
09-10-08      October Newsletter online.
08-08-08      Albin Chinn visits the 83527 after 58 years.
01-05-09    Added 1954 83527crew photo from Ed Young
07-29-07    Early Summer 2008 Tall Ships activity photos added
06-29-07    CG-83527 participates in CG Heritage Fleet parade.
11-27-07    Added 83527 crew photos from Jim Brown. Also 83391 underway
11-27-07    Added photos of two 83 footer models built by Johnnie Ridgeway from Seattle.
11-27-07    Added a June 1953 Science and Mechanics Magazine, Model Craft Section - 83-Foot U.S.C.G. Patrol Boat scratch build model
11-27-07    Added an 83 Foot 1945 Wooden Ship Model
11-27-07    Added a ships inventory of equipment list.
07-20-07   Added page about hitting the object.
06-04-07   Added photos of the starboard engine changeout in June 2006.
06-04-07   Added photos of the new fuel system installation
06-04-07   Added photos of the 83411and 83366
06-04-07   Added Developments and Problems in Coast Guard Cutter Design
06-03-07   Added Lines and Offsets Drawing for an 83 Footer
11-07-06   Added results of the D-Day Celebration in Seattle with the 83366
05-06-06   Added 05-06 newsletter for D-Day celebration
05-06-06   Added added schedule for D-Day Celebration
07/17/05   Added to story about NW Orient airliner crash.

Added June/ July Calender


Added SEA Magazine Article and Seattle PI Newspaper Article


Started Shipslog2 at April 1, 2005 to keep speed up with lots of photos.


Updated Feb and Mar 2005 activities on Shipslog1. Added several slide shows.


Added the Twin Disc MG Family Instruction Manual

03/18/05   Added a Detroit Diesel 6-71 Parts Manual

Added Joseph A. Wright letter and photo about fog and the 83453

03/10/05   Added Ed Young photo of award ceremony.
03/09/05   Added copy of Sea Classics Magazine article: The St Bernards of Normandy.
03/09/05   Started on the Shipslog for Jan, Feb & March
03/09/05   Added March 3, 2005 - Port Angeles, WA "Peninsula Daily News" - Still On Duty
03/09/05   Added the Summer sailing schedule
11/25/04   Added all of the newpaper articles received to date
11/05/04   Updated bar chart and info on the fuel fund
10/28/04   Updated 83 Footer Final fate with input from Ken Liden
    Results posted for May 13-18, 2004, 83527 Work Party and haul out
05/10/04   Added "What we need for the 83527"
04/15/04   Added the 83527 Slide Presentation
04/14/04   Added the 83527 Mission on Home Page
03/14/04   Added 83527 ships drawings at Interior Layout. Shows all compartments
03/01/04   Loaded highly modified 83527 sections
02/22/04   Added CG83527 Workparty 5, National Geographic story on Coast Guard and list showing Final Fate of 83 footers
01/02/04   Added Newspaper articles about CG83527
12/19/03   Split up CG83527 into 7 pages and added historical photos.

08-31-03 CG-83527 Added a link to the work party video.

08/09/03 CG-83527 Added a new section on the USCG Cutter Guardian