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The 83527 during 2003/2004


Follow the "Time Lines" for the Ex-Coast Guard Cutter CG-83527 starting from Rio Vista CA and moving up the Pacific Coast to Tacoma WA.

Original "Blog" of the trip up the coast maintained in almost real time. This log is in the order of the first dates at the bottom of the page.

This is the re-written version of the of the 2003/2004 Work Parties and the Actual Trip up the coast, plus all of the available history and photos of each trip segment.
  Where is Rio Vista, CA ?
Answer: About 1/2 way between Sacramento and Oakland on the Sacramento River.

  Pre departure Work Parties    
            Work Parties #1- #5  

  Rio Vista, CA to Richmond  -  

           Work Party #6 & 7
           Haul Out
           Yard Work
           Move to Sugar Dock
           Test Run

  Richmond to Bodega Bay  66 mi.

           Transmission Repairs  
           Engine Museum  
           Test Run  
  For another point of view on the first leg, review Wink Weber's (President of the "83 Footer Sailors Association)  synopsis of the event.  

  Bodega Bay, Fort Bragg to Crescent City

           Depart Bodega Bay   99 mi.
           Arrival Fort Bragg  
           Departure to Crescent City 171 mi.
           Arrival at Crescent City  

  Crescent City, Coos Bay to Newport  
           Departing Crescent City 127 mi.  
           Arrival at Coos Bay  
           Departing Coos Bay  92 mi.
           Arrival at Newport  

  Newport to Westport, WA  
           Departing Newport 164 mi.  
           Arrival at Westport  
           Attempted Departure  
           Engine Overhaul & Test Run  
           Final  Departure  

  Westport to Tacoma  
            Westport to Neah Bay 123 mi.
            Neah Bay to Port Angeles   60 mi.
            Port Angeles to Port Townsend   36 mi.
            Port Townsend to Port Ludlow   15 mi.
            Port Ludlow to Tacoma   57 mi.

Total Miles Traveled

1070 miles

  Winter Projects and Progress  
           Return trip - Tacoma to Port Ludlow
           Work Party  #8          Work Party #11
           Work Party  #9                Work Party #12
           Work Party #10  

Video Clips - The following video is provided for the broadband or dialup viewer using the Windows Media Player. The first section is our departure from Richmond, CA, past Angel Island and out under the Golden Gate Bridge. The second segment is of the Sea Trials from Bodega Bay after the transmission repairs. [There is no audio with these clips]

This and more videos are located at the Video Library.



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