2014 Activities

2014 Activities 

The new dock shed cleaned up a lot of little messes on board by moving the stuff off of the deck. This was the year to get an engine driven air compressor running as well as an engine driven alternator.

The aft deck with most of the small junk removed. Still under the cover. Here is a photo of 83523 in the San Juan Islands. I purchased the photo on Ebay. A technical description of the Radio Direction finder hardware that was on the 83 footers. We started re-installing the sand blasted and repainted nomenclature frames. Many new ones were obtrained from friends on the USS Turner Joy in Bremerton.  
Volunteer and neighbor in Port Ludlow took on the task of building out the hardware for the starboard engine 12v, 2 belt alternator. Alternator mounted and operational. Jim also rewired the new starter motor 12v cables.  
From Ebay I acquired a belt driven air compressor. Here is the unloader valve selected to pass the un-needed air to the atmosphere if the tank pressure is at max. Using a series of Unistrut rails between the engine frame rails the compressor was secured and tested.    

10-16-2014  We decided to rewire the old battery control box on the port and starboard bulkhead. This allowed the removal of a lot of old wiring from the original battery charging and starting system. It was replaced with 2/0 wire and the switches were repurposed for different battery selection and a cross connect between the port and stbd side of the boat battery systems.

This spring I was asked to write a historical article about the 83527 to be included in a special military historical issue of The Sea Chest, the Journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society. Here is that article.

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