2013 Activities 

Note, some of this text below has been carried forward from the end of the 2012 activities page.

Now a year later I want to update how 2013 ended. There wasnt much accomplished but here are a few things I did get done with helpers. The primary one was to build a dock shed that would allow me to put the shelves of small crap off of the boat. The table saw, planer and larger tools were moved too. The shed was pre built in my garage at Port Ludlow with the help of Mike Mallet. I was gimping around but we got it done.

The preassembled panels plus an old aluminum boat were loaded on the car trailer.

The sections were setup on the dock beside the 83527.

Volunteer Mark McCaffery assisted with the re-assembly.

Installing the end panels.

The shed adjacent to the boat on the dock.

In addition a spare 6-71 engine that had been stored in my garage was loaded in my pickup and hauled to Mark McCafferys shed for storage.

Unloaded and stored.

The operation of the air shift was finalized and tested. Here is the installation of the forward limit switch. Using a 110v air compressor the system was tested and worked great.

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