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2010 Activities 

These are the original engine room plackards. They were photographed and removed to pressure spray the bulkhead between the tank room and engine room.


These 4 photos are progress shots of the enclosure around the steering shaft in the galley and mess area being installed.


During the winter rains I spent some time re-creating some of the plackards on the boat.




The first two photos are from the 83527 auction brochure showing an RBO ships entertainment receiver in the crew quarters. The audio was amplified with an NT49545 amplifier. I am on a quest to find these two items or at least the receiver and duplicate the amplifier. The 3rd photo shows the receiver with the 83527 crew around the mess table.


Looking into the former Sonar Room from the crews quarters. I added a tiny shower with hot water heater and another sink for that emergency cleanup when needed.


Progress in the pilot house. These are the "before" photos.


These are just progress photos of the galley and crews mess.


I just liked the hinge on the cupboard doors under the galley sink.


The first photo is the replaced Chiefs Head cupboards. That was a major rebuild. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of the Chiefs Chest of Drawers/Desk while in the boat and the 4th is after stripping all of the finish off of the drawers and frame. The 5th is showing the stain applied.

For the crews mess table the seat cushions were sized. Roxane has started laying out the pieces. Short-e the cat helping with the project.   test fitting the end cushion.

In February I built this bench for the crew mess table. It approximates the size in the drawing that I have. We will get a matching cushion completed soon.


Chiefs chest of drawers and desk after refinish. It will be installed when the floor tile is completed.


In February I received an email from Terry Shelby, a former 83527 crewman from Sacramento. He sent the following photo with signatures on the back. The photo was taken by the Tacoma Tribune for some rescue that they made in February or March of 1958. He was coming to town and we met in Everett. Terry and his wife had a great tour and he enjoyed setting in his old rack.


In March I picked up these boat hook tips on Ebay. I have some poles collected to attach them to.


In May I scrounged this pair of Stokes Litters from Manson Construction to mount on the pilot house. Tike Hillman says they should be red in color.


In May Marc McCaffery and I cut what I think is the last plywood for this restoration. That was the face of the locker under the chiefs bunk. The refinished drawers are propped up there until the slide tracks are built.


Here are the two lids that will set on top of this platform to become the chiefs bunk.


June - July Progress
Pilothouse hole plugging in deck Replaced bad deck planks Floor tile installed More tile Crew quarters deck ready
Half of tile added Tile added Crew mess and chief qtrs Boat cat Added brass strips on deck hatches

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