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83527 Ships Log for 2007


Here is an equipment list of things on an 83 footer that was being sent to the Navy. 

March - processed John Lockie's negatives of the CG-83366 (see below) while at Santa Barbara, CA


These pages are excerpts from a journal with information about the lessons learned from the 83 footers for the design of the 82 footer.  CG Cutter Developments and Problems

During the past dozen years, independently three groups of Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy veterans and other volunteers have restored to operating condition on the West Coast three types of World War II era patrol and rescue boats.   Specifically these historic boats are the 83-foot Coast Guard cutter CG-83527, 85-foot Army Air Force crash rescue boat P-520 and the Navy patrol torpedo boat PT 658.   Together they are truly a Freedom Heritage Fleet and the sole survivors of these proud military craft in near original condition and still operating.   

March 07- Added fuel tanks

After some careful scrounging I found these water soluble cutting oil tanks on Ebay. Wink Weber arranged for their pickup and shipped them to Portland for us. I picked them up with my trailer in Portland.


In an attempt to recreate the original fuel fill Royal Journey and I rounded up the necessary brass and pipe and turned out two of these fillers.


The tanks were selected because they just fit through the tank room deck plug.


With the 12v fuel pump we pumped out the last of the fuel in the blue barrels.

This photo shows the fuel fill, fuel feed and return and vent hoses.

May 07- Stripping pilothouse of old paint


My brother Ted was looking for a project so I got him to burn out all of the old paint in the pilot house.

Armed forces Day event at Lake Union Park, Seattle WA was celebrated with the 83527 and 83366.

The 83527 strikes submerged object.  Discusses June -November at Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop. This section discusses most of the rest of the years activities.

This selection of photos was provided by Jim Brown, RD-2, 1956-60 from the CG-83527 along with a new letter received from Jim Brown, describing his years of service on the 83527.

Antique 83 footer ships model kits and 83527 model commissioned.

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