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Machinery Layout of the 83527

Main Engines

For now this section is a collection of photos of the boat as she was at the time we picked her up in 2003. The updated conditions are highlighted as the repairs occured.

One of the two original Sterling Viking II Engines setting in the weeds. We plan to bring this to Seattle as part of the project. [OOps, too late, the metal recycler hauled it off for scrap. The second one that went to the engine museum also went to the scrap yard. They could never get it to a point of turning over.)


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Detroit Diesel 671 on Port side Newer Exhaust is Great Raw Water Intakes All Levers Work, But
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Plenty of Work Room Some Strainers Missing Good Access Original Engineer's Console
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Port Engine Looking Fore Starboard Engine Looking Fore    
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Heat Exchanger Oil Filter    
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090203 106.jpg (104925 bytes)

Dan With Foot in Bilge Water Testing 12v Continuity (His eyes light up) Happy Dan With Running Engines Dan & Royal

Engines Purr

090203 109.jpg (92105 bytes) 090203 112.jpg (98092 bytes) Sony 091503 081.jpg (126083 bytes) Sony 091503 081.jpg (126083 bytes)
Dan Threatening Engines to Keep Purring Bracken Showing Off in Engineer's Jumpsuit Engine Plate  
Sony 091503 078.jpg (106701 bytes) Sony 091503 086.jpg (110389 bytes) Sony 091503 087.jpg (103165 bytes) Sony 091503 092.jpg (103430 bytes)
Raw Water Drip Raw Water Pump Missing Impeller Blades Compressor Plate
Sony 091503 093.jpg (142168 bytes) Sony 091503 094.jpg (127333 bytes) Sony 091503 103.jpg (112827 bytes) Sony 091503 098.jpg (72669 bytes)
Pressure Plate for Pump Pump ID'ed Pinhole Leak Found Eaten Raw Water Anode
Sony 091503 099.jpg (111318 bytes) Sony 091503 112.jpg (98620 bytes) Sony 091503 106.jpg (142096 bytes) Sony 091503 116.jpg (116271 bytes)
Sizing Anode Impeller Broken Port ID Another ID Plate
Sony 091503 110.jpg (100471 bytes) Sony 091503 113.jpg (134001 bytes) Sony 091503 114.jpg (85979 bytes) Sony 091503 115.jpg (76650 bytes)
Starb. Raw Water Pump Prime / Anode Hole New Oil For All Clean, Quiet Machine
Twin Disc "Crash Box" Transmissions. 
Sony 091503 097.jpg (144048 bytes) Sony 091503 104.jpg (149295 bytes)    
Tranny Plate Starboard Tranny Plate Port    
Fire Supression
090203 066.jpg (95860 bytes)
 Generator control Panel Starboard Generator Port Generator  

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090203 074.jpg (75721 bytes)

090203 075.jpg (89862 bytes)

090203 076.jpg (94233 bytes)

Gate Valve on Genset That Won't Fully Shut Genset Instruments for Amusement Only (Easy Fix) Feeder Tank for Genset - Fills From 671 Return Line - System Works Well Gate Valve Exhaust for Genset, but Well Above Waterline
090203 057.jpg (114180 bytes) 090203 053.jpg (116252 bytes) 090203 054.jpg (96641 bytes)
Port Generator Uninstalled 2nd Genset Genset Was Slinging Raw Water on Panel New Pump on Way
Power Distribution
090203 068.jpg (99063 bytes)

090203 069.jpg (101819 bytes)

090203 070.jpg (84643 bytes)


240/120 Panel Good Layout Bad Water Damage  
12 Volt System

090203 077.jpg (95483 bytes)

090203 071.jpg (77374 bytes) 090203 080.jpg (92412 bytes) 090203 064.jpg (100968 bytes)
12v Master Port Endless Unmarked Switches - this one 12v Naked Wires Everywhere. More Easy Fixes Twin 8D's Replaced This Lonely Truck Battery
090203 061.jpg (82186 bytes)      
Truck Batteries Need Replacing      
Fuel System

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090203 099.jpg (109127 bytes)

090203 102.jpg (83951 bytes)


Diesel Primer Fuel Controls    

090203 082.jpg (91736 bytes)

090203 083.jpg (95113 bytes)

Original Instructions for Sterling Viking Opps More Fuel Lines for Diesel Conversion Original Purolator filters Upgraded to Racor
Central Bilge Pump
090203 100.jpg (104851 bytes)
Engine Room looking forward bilge system pump Bilge system manifold compartment selector valves
090203 101.jpg (89147 bytes) 090203 085.jpg (90134 bytes) 090203 086.jpg (117024 bytes)
Left pipe pulls raw water at keel for firefighting water Great Central Bilge System w/Fire pump Not so Great Pump- Replaced With Modern Irrigation Pump Replaced pump
Pump on/off switch      
12v Bilge Pumps These were added  before the trip up the coast.


thru hull external view inside view    
Pannish Controls
Control Mixer box to shift between outside and inside control box Bottom of Control Mixer box Interior of Box. Notice the wonderful brass clutches.
  Outside bridge control box Bottom of control box
Behind the outside bridge instrument panel.      


Rudder and Steering

All of the original hardware is still in place.


Over the years it appears that the 20mm was mounted aft, then forward and then back aft again. This is a collection of photos and drawings that we used to create our fake 20mm mounted on the fantail.


Fresh Water
The original tanks are removed. There are no tanks now.