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General Layout of the 83527

Hull Characteristics
Length:   83 feet
Tonnage:   54 tons
Beam:   16 feet 2 inches
Draft:   5 foot 4 inches
Hull Framing:   All Sawn Oak 2 1/4" X 2" on 12" centers tied by floor timbers, bilge clamps and bilge stringers
Hull Planking:   Bottom 1 5/8" Carvel Ceder planked with #12 and #10 silicon bronze fasteners.
Keelson:   Heavy sawn wood
Keel:   Heavy sawn scarfed wood
Stem:   Formed Oak and forefoot
Chine:   Displacement hull round bilge
Deck Beams:   Wood
Decks:   Wood
House Const:   Fir framing and plywood
Bulkheads:   Plywood Bulkheads, three watertight
Escape Hatch:   Seven total
General Const:   A heavy wood framed and planked hull to BU PERS standards
Trim:   Paint
Interior Layout


Click on the number below to view the corresponding section from above in a small format. Click the compartment name for a larger format image if you have broadband or just want to study the details.
1 Lazarette - Steering, Rudder Porch, Struts and Storage
2 Storage - Fresh Water, Central Fire Ext, General Storage
3 Engine Room - Engines, Generators, Pumps, Bilge
4 Fuel Tank Room - 3 Fuel Tanks for 1997 Gal total
5a Crews Mess/Officers Stateroom - Starboard View
5b Crews Mess/Officers Stateroom - Port View
6 Crews Quarters - Pipe Rail bunks and Armory
7 Forward Head and Chain Locker
8 Wheelhouse - Bridge, Controls and Navigation
The above drawing is not for this hull number, but similar enough to display the Interior Arrangement.

Lines and Offsets Drawing
     Click on a section and open a huge image. A copy of the bottom two drawings combined can be opened HERE.

Ships Model Layout

Video Tour
This video tour was taken during the Work Party #1.

Broadband Speed Video


 Stern looking forward Amidships look astern Flying bridge looking forward  

More mast From the rear. Vosper PT tied to starboard  Entrance to enclosed bridge The  bridge
Flying Bridge
Pilot House
Sony 091503 069.jpg (69430 bytes)
 Wheelhouse Wheelhouse to starboard Light switches Dan Waking (Hailing) the Neighborhood
Chain Locker
090203 119.jpg (114935 bytes) 090203 120.jpg (114788 bytes)  
Anchors Secured Deck Protected    
Forward Head
Crews Quarters
Forward compartment and forward head      
Crews Mess
Crew mess. Chief Quarters bulkhead removed. Galley    
Officers Quarters
 Chiefs head      
Fuel Tank Room

Two small fuel tanks      
Engine Room
 Engine Room looking forward  Engine room looking astern. Sterling gasoline engine removed from boat.  
Engineering Stores

Hatch Covers