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Historic photos of 83 Footers from around the world

The following 83-footer photos were provided by George Schneider, Solana Beach, CA our resident small boat historian and photographer. George would like to add any other photos that are floating around to this collection.
CG-83407  aground in
Atlantic City, NJ - 1945
CG-83407 CG-451 CG-83388 CG-457
CGC-453 CG-83382 CG-457 CG-83327 CG-20 & 21
CG-20 & 21 CG-83412 CG-83306 CG-83529 CG-457
CG-83300 CG-614      

Scans of Photocopies from the CG Historical Center, Washington

83411 Pictures provided by Bob McCarty

83366 Photos from John Lockie


83366 Photos from Ray Holland, current owner.