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83Foot Wooden Model
This model kit was provided by William Publicover. He purchased it in the mid 40's in New York City and never got it put together. He is a retired Coastie and always found the 83 footers a classic CG boat from the WWII era. He was aboard one at the CG Academy for a short time and used her for boat handling and docking training.

He also sent a 4 book set on "Wood" a Manual for Shipbuilding.


From June 1953 Science and Mechanics, Model Craft Section - 83-Foot U.S.C.G. Patrol Boat

Two models made by Seattle modeler, Johnnie Ridgeway. Now owned by the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society. The models are now housed at the PSMHS Chandlers Cove Museum. The white hull is the 83527 and the gray hull is the 83366 in her D-Day colors.


This is a link to a builders model of the 83 footers. Link to the Jack Read 83'er model. Link to a set of 83footer ships plans from the National Archives.