83 Footer Plans

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83Footer Ships Plans from the National Archives

Start of the 83 footer ships drawing collection. I will add drawings numbers, titles and lighten the background eventually.
Ship Drawing list at National Archives    
Wiring Plan
Deck Plan and Layout
Construction Details  
Construction Plan  
Deck Arrangement with 20mm and Anti Submarine Projector - Mark 20  
Outboard profile and Deck Plan (fourth contract)  
Outboard profile and Deck Plan - 83384 and 83424
Configurations by Hull Number - note there is overlapped info on the sheets
83Ft Cutter Navy Conversion Deck Arrangement of Armament  
83' Cutter Arrangement Plan for US Navy Dept Conversion with 40mm Guns.  
USCG 83Ft Cutter Modif's Dk Arr'g't & Profile (10-12-1951)  
Lines and Offsets    
Docking Plan  
Spar Details and Antenna Bracing    
Wheel House Layout
Rail Stanchions and Boat Chocks  
Stuffing Box, Struts and Arrangement & Detail of Shafting    
Engine Room Arrangement and Piping    
Portable Fire Pump Equipment  
Arrangement of Fire Extinguisher and Voice Tube Systems    
Joiner Sections, Mess Table & Bench  
Engine Room Layout  
Ventilating System    
Machinery layout (something missing here)      
Machinery Arrangement for Tandem Twin Engines  
Engine Bed Reinforcement Details  
Diagrammatic Arrangement of Piping
  Title Page Saltwater Piping #1 Fuel Oil Piping Lube Oil Piping
    Saltwater Piping #2 Fresh Water Piping Cummiins Lube Oil Piping
Fresh Water & Bilge Piping - Schematic Plan  
Aux Power and Ignition Supply Diagram  
Emergency Gong System      
Watertight Bulkheads  
Rudder Details  
Steering Gear Leads and Details  
Hatch Details  
Details Water Tight Doors  
Steel Girders & Engine Foundation  
Ice Protection Sheathing