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Our Duroboat

Celebrating the Culture of the Sea in the Pacific Northwest.

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    The Coast Guard Cutter CG-83527 - is a modified 1944 83' Wheeler. She is a wood-hulled craft, commissioned April 8, 1944 and assigned to Anti-Submarine duties in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico areas. She was then assigned to Search and Rescue duty in Tacoma, WA until Dec 1962.     Join our efforts to keep her going while she is "wintered over" in Everett, WA

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Now available, Patrol and Rescue Boats on Puget Sound, a pictorial history book about these boats including the Wheeler 83 footers and the CG-83527.  MORE HERE

Combatant Craft of America is a non-profit corporation with a volunteer working Board of Directors.  They have determined that the Mission of the 83527 will be:
  • Recognize and honor the history, vessel type (Wheeler patrol boat) and veterans who served aboard these and similar Coast Guard vessels. 
  • Provide an authentic floating classroom on which to offer living history, maritime skills and life training experiences and teach positive heritage appreciation, character, self esteem and team building for youth from varied social and economic backgrounds. 
  • Serve, in cooperation with units of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Sea Scouts and Explorers and similar organizations, as an active public outreach platform promoting marine safety and education, environmental protection, homeland security and Coast Guard and other military service recruiting.  

Your active membership and support can make a significant contribution to the growth of this new institution. This boat is the first of many we hope to acquire and provide education programs conducted aboard to provide sea-going learning opportunities for youth groups, families and interested individuals.